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Tips To Help You Stay Focused!

Staying focused can be difficult at the best of times. After all, in the year 2023, we are inundated with potential distractions - from our smartphones to our televisions, to simply staring at the wall. It is even harder to remain occupied by a work task if you have just returned from holiday, with the memories of the sun, sand and sea in your mind.

Thankfully, the team at Adventrum have compiled a list of quick and easy ways to remain focused at work.

From listening to motivational music, to lighting a stimulating candle - these suggestions are not revolutionary or reinventing the wheel, but may offer an uplifting boost to somebody who needs it.

1. Switch Off The TV

This may seem obvious, but switching off the TV can allow your mind to remain focused and occupied on the work task at hand.

Many people can work with the TV playing in the background, but the majority of people will find the extra sights and sounds of the TV too distracting.

If you find it difficult to work without the television on, try sitting at a desk that is facing away from the screen - this way, you will not be tempted to keep flicking your eyes away from your work laptop.

2. Light A Candle Or Incense

Scents can have a very powerful effect on people’s moods, which is why it is always worth investing in an energising candle or some incense sticks.

Opt for a scent containing notes of mandarin, neroli, tobacco, pomegranate or rosemary, as these are renowned for their invigorating properties.

Lighting a candle or incense could also help to set a mood and become part of a routine, which gets you in the mindset for a day of work, while also creating a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Create A ‘Work’ Playlist

Nothing can help to lift a mood more than music, which is why it could be handy to have an uplifting playlist to hand at all times.

Fill it with your favourite songs and artists to help you start your day in a positive manner.

If you find listening to songs with lyrics too distracting, then you could create a compilation of purely instrumental songs to listen to.

There are artists from a wide range of genres that create purely instrumental music, meaning that whether you have a taste for tech house or heavy metal or anything in between, there’s plenty out there to help you focus.

4. Get Ready For The Day Every Morning

While it may always be tempting to remain casual for a day of work, especially if it means a few extra precious hours in bed, it could be contributing to you feeling distracted and less driven.

Even if you are working from home, it could be helpful to make sure you get properly dressed every day, as it could allow you to feel more motivated.

Working in your pyjamas can be fine as an occasional treat, but it is always better to create as much normality as possible during the working day.

5. Avoid Becoming Over-Caffeinated

Nothing is more comforting than a hot cup of tea or coffee, but it can become difficult to keep track of how many caffeinated drinks you have had throughout the day.

Having too many could lead to you becoming anxious, overly stimulated and easily distracted, which would not be conducive to a productive day of work.

Having one or two caffeinated drinks throughout the day should be fine, especially if it is not a daily occurrence, but maybe think about switching to a caffeine-free alternative after this.


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