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Rugby Playing Accountant Is Celebrating 20 Years Service

The firm’s most senior experienced accountant, was presented with a long service award and a cake to mark the occasion.

Claire works on the year-end accounts and tax for a variety of small business, mostly non-audit clients, often picking up the more complex jobs because of her experience. The mum-of-three, who joined accountancy firm Smith Ackerman in 2003, a year before its merger with HWB Chartered Accountants, also plays a key role in training new recruits each year.

Claire commented: “I love my job and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else – they will have to wheel me out of here. My clients are varied and interesting and the firm treats me very well and looks after me – especially when I needed flexibility when my children were younger."

“It’s also great to be able to play a full part in helping shape the accountants of the future through my role in their training and development.”

Claire, who names long-serving Accountant Chris Wignall among her closest colleagues, said the biggest challenge in her work was the quick turnaround of accounts sometimes needed by clients.

She added: “In my 20 years here the biggest change has been the ongoing advent of more advanced technology. We used to do everything with pen and paper, but now we’re pretty much paperless thanks to the likes of Iris, Xero and Sage.”

HWB Chartered Accountants Managing Director Tracy Jenkins said:

“Congratulations to Claire Healey, our most senior experienced accountant, who has celebrated 20 years with HWB – and long may it continue. Claire’s professionalism, dedication and hard work make her an invaluable member of the team.”

When not at work Claire trains and plays for Eastleigh Pirates Ladies XV as the team competes in their first season in the Women’s NC 3 (South West) South league which includes the likes of Havant, Portsmouth Valkyries, Christchurch and Trojans.

She said: “I was a regular visitor to the club when dropping off my middle son for training and was encouraged to take up the sport myself – and haven’t looked back.”

Claire turns out as a loose head prop in the front row of the scrum, in league standard rugby union, and makes sure she wears a scrum cap to avoid abrasions or cauliflower ears! She says her rugby ambition is to score a try.

She is also following avidly the men’s Rugby World Cup currently being played in France.

HWB Chartered Accountants, based at Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton.


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