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Ready, Set, Ride: Tips For Preparing A Bike For The Season

As the vibrant colours of spring begin to emerge, cyclists eagerly dust off their bikes in anticipation of the thrilling rides under the warm sun. However, before venturing onto the open road or hitting the trails, it's essential to ensure that their trusty two-wheeled companion is in optimal condition. James Whitten, Marketing Manager at cycleGuard said:

“For many of us, our bikes have been locked away over winter. Now that the spring sunshine is here, it’s time to make sure that your bike is ready."

Leading cycle and e-bike insurer cycleGuard shares effective tips to help cyclists prepare their bike for spring.

Checking the tyre pressure

One of the first things any cyclist should check is the tyre pressure. All tyres will lose air pressure over time, even if they have been standing still. It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions as to what the recommended tyre pressure should be for a specific bike. Either a floor pump or an electric bike pump can be used to get the correct tyre pressure.

Adjusting the bike seat

If a bike has been in storage for a while, ensure to tighten the bike seat before the first ride. A loose bike seat is not just uncomfortable, but it can also cause trouble to cyclists. If the seat cover has been worn out after not being used in a while, it may cause riding in discomfort. It is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

Checking the brake pads

Cyclists will also need to check their brake pads properly before they set off. The brake pads on a bike shouldn’t be loose or appear worn. It is crucial to adjust the brake cable with a screwdriver if the brake pads are too far away from the rim, and to replace the pads if they look worn.

Checking the safety gear

Do the bike lights work? What about your reflectors? Cyclists will need to make sure that all the safety equipment is working correctly on their bike before they head out. In the UK, it’s illegal to ride a bike on a public road without lights after sunset, so cyclists will need to make sure that they work properly.

“There are many steps you can take to prepare your bike for the season, but it is important to keep yourself and your bike safe. At cycleGuard, we’re serious about providing cover to cyclists of all abilities” adds Whitten.


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