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Industry Leading Sustainability Approach For Brewers

Brewers has announced the launch of their industry leading sustainability framework to support its journey to be a net zero business by 2040.

As a family business trading for 120 years Brewers has always prided itself on taking a responsible approach to doing business, caring for its people and supporting the communities it operates in.

To formalise this, 2023 is the year that they have set their goals, plans and actions into a sustainability framework that will inform the way they do business for the next 20 years.

At the heart of the framework are 4 sustainability pledges:

  1. To decarbonise

  2. To consume less and eliminate waste

  3. To improve lives

  4. To develop the next generation

To help them meet these pledges and measure progress towards them, they have established 6 primary targets:

  1. To be a net zero-carbon business by 2040.

  2. To reduce the total of our scope 1, scope 2 and transport related scope 3 emissions by 15% per annum from a 2022 base line.

  3. Through targeting a minimum volume reduction of 10% per annum, to phase out interior solvent borne decorative trim paint by 2030.

  4. To reduce, reuse, remanufacture or recycle all waste by 2030.

  5. To be an Accredited Living Wage Employer.

  6. To demonstrate a 10% annual improvement in social value through the TOMS (themes, outcomes & measures in social value) framework from a 2022 baseline.

Mark Sandison, Head of Sustainability at Brewers explains more adding that "The first step has been to quantify where we currently are on our sustainability journey."

"This proved to be quite challenging and we were pleased to work with our partner ‘PlanetMark’ to deep dive into the business and calculate our current carbon footprint and social value."

"This has now given us a baseline upon which we can build future actions and seek continuous improvement. In the spirit of transparency, our full PlanetMark report can be viewed via our sustainability web page."

"In planning our journey from this baseline, it has been vital to ensure that the whole business is involved and that we weigh three key elements – doing the right thing for the environment, doing the right thing for people and doing the right thing commercially. It’s a delicate balance but we believe the pathway we have set for the business achieves this and is, in itself, sustainable."

"It has been very important to ensure that our sustainability framework is science based and fully verifiable. To ensure this we have worked with our specialist partners – PlanetMark and Resource Futures throughout the process."

"Our sustainability framework is industry leading and will make a big contribution to helping to make the world a better place.”

Visit their website here to find out more.


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