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Get That Food Moving With FEM Pan Carriers

Many venues have dining areas some distance from the kitchens such as hospitals and care homes as well as other venues which put on occasion catering such as conferences, weddings and other events. Transportation of the food from cook face to table without loss of quality is always at the top of a caterer’s list.

To ensure caterers can use the best food transportation available FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) has launched Cambro’s latest range of Pro Cart Ultra pan carriers. For operational flexibility, there are three models in the range – one designed to carry cold food, one especially for hot food and one that can simultaneously transport hot and cold food.

All three units are built to the same high standards with energy-efficient CFC-free, polyurethane insulation. They are up to 30% more energy-efficient than other similar electric cabinets. Simply plug into a power socket before use, select the temperature required and the Pro Cart Ultra does the rest. Able to retain hot or cold temperatures for at least four hours without power, they are great for outside catering or other areas where a suitable electrical socket may not be available.

The Pro Cart Ultras are easy to use, with an intuitive touchscreen display. Durable heavy-duty 6 inch nylon castors, two with a total locking pin, as well as ergonomic handles make them easy to manoeuvre. Nylon paddle-style latches keep the doors firmly shut during transportation ensuring total integrity of the food. They also have a hard-wearing, heavy-duty stainless steel hinge for long-lasting use and a spring-loaded magnetic catch that offers hands-free closing of the doors.

The Cambro PCU800 Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carrier has one active hot module and one active cold module so it can hold both hot and cold food in the same unit, at the same time. The hot module can safely maintain food temperatures between 65.6°C to 73.9°C with gentle, non-radiant heat. The temperature is adjustable from 21°C to 85°C and it heats from room temperature to 73.9°C in just 15 minutes. The cold module uses thermoelectric cooling technology which is safe for food transport. It cools down to 0.28°C without a compressor and the temperature is adjustable from 0.28°C to 21°C.

Built to the same specifications, the cold-only unit comprises of two active cold modules, whilst the hot-only units have two active hot modules. Each PCU800 Pro Cart Ultra pan carrier measures 556mm (w) x 864mm(d) x 1505mm(h) and can hold up to twelve 1/1 GN pans at 65mm deep.

Hot and cold modules can be purchased separately to make your Pro Cart Ultra interchangeable depending on use, with larger models also available in the range upon request.


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