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  • Writer's pictureLinda Andrews - Editorial Assistant, Nuse Online

Aldi Launches New Tiktok DIY Gingerbread House

Supermarket Aldi has got crafty shoppers covered this festive season with the NEW DIY Gingerbread House Kit (£5.99, 900g), which has just landed in stores. A first for Aldi, this charming seasonal treat comes complete with a gingerbread dough mix that can be baked to form the delicious gingerbread base, so shoppers can get creative and design any shape they desire!

With fun decorations and icing included, this sweet creation not only provides a tasty treat but an opportunity for kids and parents alike to enjoy a wholesome, festive activity. What’s more, with #gingerbreadhouse having racked up a breadtaking 694.8M views on TikTok[1], shoppers can be sure to stay on trend this Christmas and share their adorable creations on the platform!

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