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Zappie Days For UK’s Fastest Growing Business Telecoms Provider

Southampton-based Zappie, co-founded by Jamie Pidgley, reached nearly £2m turnover within just 12 months of starting up. On the back of national growth, the business telecoms specialist now employs 16 people and is on track to double that by next summer, with eight telesales hires already scheduled for February.

Jamie, Managing Director, launched the enterprise with Mike Connolly, Commercial Director, focusing on helping businesses excel in their communications strategy. Sectors making install orders include automotive, call centres, dentistry, property agencies, care homes and the medical industry, including GP surgeries.

“It’s been full-on due to commercial demand, with 18-hour working days,” said Jamie. “We knew that the demand was there, providing businesses with everything they need for reliable and efficient communications, but none of us quite realised how quickly we’d expand."

“Business phone systems and lightning-fast broadband are an operational must for most companies and organisations, with upgrades a necessity as phone technology evolves at pace against a backdrop of hybrid and remote working where desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet must be seamlessly integrated.”

Zappie has experienced exceptional growth in a UK telecoms industry which generated nearly £32 billion last year, with a forecasted 65 million people - 95% of the population - using smartphones by 2025 for business and/or personal use.

Jamie, who lives near Southampton and previously worked for a telecoms company, added: “Given these market dynamics, with more of us using smartphones and handsets for business than ever before, Zappie is well positioned to deliver what companies and organisations need."

“I invested £63,000 of my own money in the start-up a year ago. With the support of customers, staff and Mike, we reached a turnover of nearly £2m within the first 12 trading months, which far exceeded our expectations as we’d originally planned £660,000."

“As a result of organic growth, 16 jobs have been created already and we are on track to double that by next summer, with eight telesales hires inked in for next February."

“Based on data, and with 180 business customers on board, Zappie would appear to be the fastest growing telecoms provider in the UK, which we are all incredibly proud to be a part of."

“One of the many things we are passionate about is exemplary after-care following switchovers – customer service is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring reliable and efficient communications.”

The company has also seen demand for CCTV solutions, with customers looking to protect staff, property and assets with high-definition video surveillance technology linked to mobiles and desktops 24/7.

Zappie’s sales team works from Head Space’s office suites at Grosvenor House, 2 Grosvenor Square, Southampton, with operations across the road at Clockwise Southampton’s Mountbatten House.


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