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Get Involved.

As an organisation we like to do things differently.  Firstly, we have plenty of experience of building communities and now want to apply our approach to creating a news platform which is timely, relevant and engaging.  There are plenty of ways for you to get involved too.

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Become a Nusereader

Subscribe to Nuse today and support the platform and help us to continue to bring the latest news and insights from around the UK.  Annual subscription is just £19.99 plus VAT.

Create A Nuseroom

Sign up today and create your own nuseroom and start publishing your news stories which you can categorise and tag before publication. 


All your news will be available in your own bespoke nuseroom which will also be listed on our contributors page and you will be invited to join the community and post your own items direct to our live site.  Create your nuseroom for only £499 plus VAT a year.  Sign up today and our team will guide you through the process too.

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Become A Nusewriter

Join our team as a 'nusewriter' and post your stories direct to the platform for just £199 plus VAT a year.

Become A Contributor

Our contributors not only have their own nuseroom where their content is collated but we will also post items on the home page in a 'contributors nuse feed' which will ensure the pieces are front and centre for anyone accessing the front page of the magazine.

Become a contributor for £1,495 plus VAT a year.

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