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Trust Donation Supports Children With Autism

In a heartfelt commitment to enhancing the lives of children with autism, the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is proud to announce a funding award of £2,000 to the ASN Club for Children.

This significant contribution will enable the club to purchase a range of engaging and sensory-friendly resources, including a much-desired bouncy castle, sensory toys, and mobility toys like bikes and scooters, to create a welcoming and fun environment for children for whom making social connections can often be difficult.

The ASN Club for Children was founded by Leah Deans, whose seven year old daughter is autistic, when she became disheartened by the lack of play and socialisation opportunities for children with autism and other neurodivergences.

Leah’s club operates with the aim of providing a safe and joyful space for children with autism to play, socialize, and form new friendships. Leah said:

"I put this group together voluntarily as my little girl who is seven years old is autistic and the sad reality is there is not much in the community for our kids to go to."

Held every Tuesday evening, the club has become a vital part of the community for families seeking inclusive activities for their children.

"This funding from Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is a game-changer for our club. It will allow us to enhance our activities with fantastic resources that our children will love and benefit from immensely," Leah expressed.

The ASN Club for Children's commitment to supporting children with autism aligns with Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust's mission to empower community initiatives and support the well-being of people of all ages across Glasgow.

David Facenna, Corporate Culture Director at Allied Vehicles Group, commented on the funding, saying "We are inspired by Leah's dedication to creating this valuable resource for children with autism in our community. We’re happy that we can support the ASN Club for Children and help them to provide a fun, safe, and inclusive environment where children can thrive."


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