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Trinity Business School Launch New MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability

Trinity Business School has announced it will launch a new MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability programme. As the demand for ethical leadership continues to grow, this new programme will give students the understanding and skillset needed to meet the challenges of building a sustainable future for business and society.

The one-year, full-time course will embody Trinity’s commitment to “Transforming Business for Good” by combining cutting-edge insights from business ethics, sustainability, as well as management and organisational science. Participants will be prepared to pursue careers in leadership positions with responsibilities across several areas, such as CSR, corporate sustainability, ESG, business and human rights, and more.

The programme will offer 8 core modules – covering subjects such as Sustainable Corporate Governance, ESG-Reporting and Climate Action – and a dissertation that allows students to work on current challenges of responsible and sustainable business either in the form of an individual research dissertation, or in small groups for a student consulting project with a company, civil society or public sector organisation.

Partnering with organisations within industry and academia, Trinity’s MSc in Responsible Business & Sustainability will afford students the chance to also learn from leading practitioners and academic experts. The programme has a balanced curriculum that covers the core dimensions of responsible business and sustainability, the choice of a research dissertation or collaborative project, and access to expertise within industry and academia beyond Trinity Business School.

Dr Maximilian Schormair, Director of the MSc in Responsible Business & Sustainability at Trinity Business School, says: "The MSc in Responsible Business and Sustainability is the ultimate expression of Trinity Business School’s ‘Transforming Business for Good’ strategy. Through its research-driven and impact-oriented approach, this programme aims to enable future business leaders to drive forward responsible and sustainable business practices."

"We firmly believe that business and society at large are in urgent need of graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to advance the sustainability transformation. We are excited to welcome the global business leaders of the future and empower them to make an impactful career.”

Professor Laurent Muzellec, Dean of Trinity Business School adds: "Today marks a significant milestone for Trinity Business School as we unveil our new MSc in Responsible Business and Sustainability. This innovative programme reflects our commitment to shaping future global business leaders who will champion responsible and sustainable business practices. Our curriculum, informed by industry insights and academic excellence, will enable our students to make a real difference both in society and for the environment."

"Trinity Business School is launching the MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability because we firmly believe that business and society at large are in urgent need of graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to advance the sustainability transformation."

For this programme, Trinity welcome applicants from a variety of academic disciplines. However, those applying to study on MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability without an undergraduate degree in a related subject – such as business, management, engineering natural sciences, political science and humanities – are asked to demonstrate a clear motivation for their interest in business and/or some relevant practical experience.

The first class of the MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability will take place in September 2024, with applications closing for the first cohort closing on 31st July 2024. You can find out more about the MSc Responsible Business & Sustainability here.


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