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North Glasgow Community Benefits From Allied Vehicles Donation

North Glasgow community benefits from Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust donation

The Barmulloch Community Development Centre (BCDC) were supported in putting on fantastic festive activities thanks to a four-figure donation from one of Scotland’s leading family businesses.


The Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust received the application and were touched by the efforts of the group to make such a positive impact in the community.


The £2,000 awarded went towards events including a community afternoon tea, three children’s Christmas parties with the all-important visit from Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves and a gift to all of the children.

Barmulloch Community Development Company Development Manager, Brian Land said:

“We at BCDC want to thank you all at the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust so much for the continued support it has made a very positive impact in the community during some difficult times.”

BCDC is a community development trust where people come together who want to make where they live better for everyone. BCDC came together to support communities in Ward 17, to offer important services and provide much needed premises. Their aim is make everyone aware they have something to offer, to inspire and empower them to maximise their abilities- all for self-development and community benefit.

Allied Vehicles founder Gerry Facenna added,

“It’s great to be able to support so many fantastic organisations through the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust. The communities local to our head offices have so much to offer and we were delighted to be able to support BCDC with their festive efforts.”



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