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Milestone For Popular Ice Cream Maker

Parravanis, an ever-popular ice cream business established in 1898 by Giuseppe Parravani, is celebrating its 125th year anniversary this February. The business has managed to thrive through time and is now one of the most beloved local ice cream brands in the UK.

Despite battling through several life-changing recessions, the brand has stood the test of time and Parravanis Ice Cream has been made in the same way, using the same recipes and traditional methods since 1898.

Today, the business has a wide customer base over Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex and currently makes a range of over 30 premium ice creams and sorbets, limited-period seasonal flavours, freshly made ice cream for weddings and events and specially commissioned recipe combinations and patisseries from hand-picked partners.

The oldest independent ice cream maker in East Anglia is committed to using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods that have been passed down through five generations since 1898. All partners and suppliers are carefully selected for the quality of their ingredients and their commitment to supporting a locally-made ethos.

General Manager, Adrian Nichols, said: “We feel our success in reaching this incredible milestone is down to using local ingredients and traditional methods handed down through five generations, from 1898 when Giuseppe Parravani started it. Although we use modern equipment which speeds up the ice cream-making process, the ingredients, methods, and recipes very much remain the same today.”

To celebrate the special milestone, Parravanis released a limited edition Premium Local Strawberries & Cream flavour, only available from the 6th of March until the 30th of September 2023, with home delivery anywhere in the UK.

Parravani’s is proud to be celebrating 125 years of serving ice cream and looks forward to many more years of providing delicious, handmade treats to customers across the UK.


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