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Major Global Award Recognition

Noble Events, the Leicestershire-based multi-award-winning bespoke events agency, has won Best Event at the prestigious Global Agency Awards.

Sarah Cox, Managing Director at Noble Events, commented on the news saying, “We were beyond thrilled to see that our work with Bentley Motors creating and managing their Extraordinary Journey UK 2022 series of events was recognised at the Global Agency Awards in the category of Best Event."

“This once-in-a-lifetime road trip took guests on a breathtakingly scenic route from the home of Bentley Motors in Crewe to The Macallan Estate in Speyside, Scotland. Feedback from guests was glowing and the programme is now being repeated for 2023.”

Guest feedback included, “Kudos to the events team – it was a mind-blowing experience!”, “The programme was beyond expectations. Loved everything about it – a trip of a lifetime” and “Loved the warmth and attention to detail from the team. Made to feel very welcome”.

Caren Jochner, Global Head of Brand Experience at Bentley Motors, said, “We want to share with our audiences an extraordinary journey of discovery offering access to usually private and exclusive experiences that only Bentley can provide. We have worked closely with globally like-minded partners that share our passion for excellence whether it be in the field of cuisine, design, architecture, or wellness – all with sustainability at heart. This, coupled with our carefully curated driving experiences provides something truly unique – an Extraordinary Journey and once in a lifetime experience that offers the opportunity to connect guests with like-minded souls – an experience money alone can’t buy.”

Penny Noble, Founder and CEO of Noble Events, said, “Our relationship with Bentley goes back over many, many years and I was delighted that this event was recognised by the Global Agency Awards. The hard work the whole team put in over many months to make this the success it was – from both Bentley Motors and Noble Events – was incredible and I’m thrilled they received this incredible recognition. Well done team!”

Added Sarah, “We know from first hand experience just how much work goes into creating and managing an event like this so we’d very much like to congratulate all the finalists in these awards and particularly those in our category. They gave us a close run for our money and we hope to see them all again next year when we defend our crown!”

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