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Leeds Ecommerce Agency Launches Men’s Bathing Brand Sento

The owners of Leeds based Ecommerce agency Dream Big Digital have taken the plunge by launching their own men’s bathing brand. launched this week and brings customers the opportunity to create their own bath gift boxes, designed for men. Their products are all handmade in the UK and are vegan and cruelty free, something the brand says is very important to them:

“We wanted to launch a brand that makes you feel good. As a new dad, I really found that taking time for myself was a luxury. When I do get the opportunity for a nice, relaxing bath I want to make the most of it. But all the bath products I could find either used bright, synthetic colours or were full of glitter. I wanted bath products using natural products and essential oils” says Daniel Tiffany, co-founder of Sento and owner of Dream Big Digital.

So the business idea came from an identified gap in the market, after Daniel and Lorna really struggled to find a range of bath products designed with men in mind.

Sento’s range includes products inspired nature, which are designed to be the perfect gift for men or those who want a more masculine scent to complement their own personal bathtime routine. Not only that, but their bath products are made in the UK, vegan, and never tested on animals. They only use sustainably sourced palm oil, and where possible they’ve selected sustainably sourced packaging and labelling as standard, making it a feel good gift for the giver and recipient.

The name and branding was inspired by a love of Japan and travel, and although the original idea came from owners Daniel and Lorna, Dream Big Digital’s senior designer Katie Justo came up with the branding concepts and photography style. She explains:

“Sento’s visual brand identity was inspired by the Japanese bathing culture, nature and the natural ingredients used in their products. The logo design and their signature brand pattern were inspired by the tranquil patterns created in Japanese gardens that often surround their bathing areas.”

She continues “Sento’s mission to provide balance and wellbeing is illustrated through the product photography, which shows the products delicately balanced with one of their ingredients and an element from nature. The rich green and softer earthy tones used provide a bold contrast that represents the natural qualities of the brand and the values they uphold.”

The website itself took 4 weeks to build with the team of web developers working hard to get the site up and ready for the Christmas period. The site is built using Shopify as a platform, but is completely custom built for the new brand and features a lot of innovative bespoke functionality, including the ability for customers to build their own gift box from the entire Sento range.


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