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Keyfix Future-Proofs Tottenham Hale Residential Development

The Keyfix Non-Combustible Cavity Tray System has played a vital role in the building of Ashley Road East, a major new residential development in Tottenham Hale, by improving installation efficiency and quality on site, and exceeding building regulations.

Ashley Road East is one of two mixed use residential buildings located in the heart of vibrant Tottenham Hale, based conveniently near the Tottenham Hale underground station.

These contracts worth £85 million are part of a wider regeneration scheme, which plans to deliver 1,030 new homes which will sit alongside 15 new retail spaces, co-working and office spaces, a cinema, a new primary care health centre, and two football pitches worth of well-lit elegantly paved public space.

Keyfix has worked alongside brickwork contractor Galostar and main contractor Galliford Try to support architect, KDS Associates, and premier global development firm, Argent Related, in bringing their designs to fruition.

To meet the requirements and tight build programme, Keyfix has supplied 1,747 metres of Non-combustible Cavity Trays (NCCT), 304 Corner Units, and 4,800 Weeps. Keyfix had a relatively short lead time with a turnaround of approximately three weeks, from the first point of contact with the customer, to delivery on site.

The project presented two main challenges for Keyfix. Firstly, the majority of corners had a unique obtuse angle, as opposed to the standard 90-degree angle; making it difficult to meet the project’s specifications. To remedy this, Keyfix worked alongside the site team, using their drawings to manufacture pre-formed corner units to match specification requirements. The preparation carried out by Keyfix helped to accelerate install time once the corner units were delivered to site.

Secondly, Keyfix collaborated with the client to position the tray in the ideal position that was both below the window sill, and above the relieving angle in a compact area; therefore, reducing the overall price for the contractor.

Joel Riley, Contracts Manager at Galostar Brickwork commented: “Keyfix was a great asset to this project. The NCCT was quick and easy to install and didn’t require any extra materials such as sealants, which saved us time and energy. Keyfix’s help onsite to position the tray at the correct angle also helped to reduce our overall costs on this development.”

The Keyfix NCCT was specified due to the self-supporting nature of the tray, meaning that it does not need to be attached to the inner structure, ensuring a swift and easy installation.

Unlike other cavity tray systems, this design requires no additional fixings, sealants or onsite fabrication by the brickwork contractor.

Therefore, installation of the trays did not delay the speed of bricklaying when compared to traditional DPC.

Installed in the outer leaf with no connection with the inner skin, this innovative cavity tray system does not create a thermal bridge, helping the homeowner to save through improved thermal performance. This also produces the benefit of safe-proofing the building from differential movement.

The system comes complete with pre-formed corners and a step-by-step combined component schedule and location plan, which greatly improves efficiency on site by reducing installation time. Moreover, with a lifespan of 125+ years and holding an A1 Fire Rating, the Keyfix NCCT is built to exceed current regulations. It is the only non-combustible cavity tray system that does not rely on tapes and mastics to make watertight joints, therefore eradicating one of the primary reasons for product failure.

Commenting on the project Kieran Coyle, Keyfix General Manager, said: “Our rapid build, non-combustible cavity tray is recognised by brickwork contractors nationwide as being the fastest and easiest system on the market to install, which is one of the principal reasons for the product being selected. The fact the tray is entirely self-supporting and requires no connection to the inner-leaf has been a substantial time saver on this project.”

Kieran continued, “The Keyfix NCCT also has an A1 Fire Rating and will never contribute to fire loading in the building so housebuilders and homeowners can be assured that by installing our system they are future proofing their investment and themselves.”

The Tottenham Hale residential development is a work in progress, with ongoing deliveries from Keyfix. The Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray is playing a fundamental part in the safe and enduring design of a residential development that will create an exciting legacy for North London.

For more information about the Keyfix range of non-combustible solutions visit their website here


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