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Hull’s Fairtrade Commitment recognised

Hull has once again been recognised as a Fairtrade Community.

Fairtrade ensures farmers and workers in developing countries around the world are paid a fair price for their goods, earn a living wage and their communities benefit from educational and medical provisions.

The accolade was awarded by the UK Fairtrade Foundation a proves the city’s commitment to have promoted Fairtrade across Hull through campaigns and events, as well as demonstrating that a wide range of people and organisations are involved.

Hull’s Fairtrade Partnership is made up of representatives from voluntary, community and faith sector groups, Fairtrade activists, council officers, elected members, local Fairtrade businesses and Hull University Student Union.

Councillor Rob Pritchard, portfolio holder for culture and leisure at Hull City Council, is chair of the Hull Fairtrade Partnership.

He said: “Hull has always had time to stand up for social justice and is proud to be recognised as a Fairtrade Community. Every action taken to support Fairtrade locally challenges unfair trade practices and advocates for decent workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay for farmers and workers globally. Everyone involved in the Hull Fairtrade Partnership and many others who have supported our local Fairtrade campaigns should be proud that Hull has achieved this award.”

Hull City Council passed a resolution to become a Fairtrade City in 2005.

Isabelle Tracy, Co-op Member Pioneer and Hull Fairtrade Partnership member, added: “The Co-op pioneers Fairtrade products as part of our mission to promote the aims of the World Fairtrade Organisation and Fairtrade Charter."

“As a Co-op Member Pioneer, I help to drive Co-op’s commitment to ethical trade and local community activism. I am proud to have supported Fairtrade events in Hull over the past two years and look forward to many more of them. Well done Hull for re-accreditation as a Fairtrade Community!”


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