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Glasgow School Experiences Funded by Allied Vehicles

Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is proud to announce its latest contributions to the community, focusing on supporting educational and social growth in two Glasgow primary schools, and a youth sports coaching programme.

With grants totaling £3,000, the Trust is funding initiatives at St Mary's Primary School in Maryhill, St Joseph’s Primary School near Glasgow City Centre and Winning Scotland, a charity that builds confidence and resilience in Scotland's children and young people.

St Joseph’s Primary School, located close to Glasgow City Centre, will receive a grant of £1,000. towards the creation of a school library, a project designed to develop a love of reading among young people. Recognizing the school's diverse linguistic background, with 32 languages spoken among its students, the grant will help purchase books in various languages and essential library furniture. Ciara Lynch, from St Joseph’s Primary expressed the school’s gratitude for the donation.

“Reading is crucial for learning and development and yet many children are missing out on the joy of reading and the benefits it brings; we don’t want our young people to miss this opportunity.”

"We have 32 different languages spoken in our school so we want to buy books in a range of languages to suit this diverse community; this will have a great impact on our school and young people.

A further £500 grant will go to St Mary’s Primary School in Maryhill. This funding aims to alleviate the financial burden on families by supporting the costs associated with the Primary 7 prom, leavers' day out, and the traditional leavers' hoodies. Located in a deprived area of Maryhill, the grant ensures that every child can participate in these significant milestones without financial stress on their families.

Kerry Finn, of the St. Mary’s Primary School Parent Council said the donation would make the P7’s last weeks of primary school memorable ones. She said,

“I would like to thank the whole team at Allied Vehicles for helping the P7s at St Mary's Primary with costs for leaver events. This will help our families and the children will have an amazing sendoff thanks to Allied Vehicles.”

Winning Scotland is a charity that builds confidence and resilience in Scotland's children and young people.

The Trust has approved a grant of £1,500 to enhance delivery of a physical activity focused project called ‘On Our Marks’.

On Our Marks improves the health, confidence, and life skills of 300 children in Primary 1 and 2 in 10 north Glasgow primary schools - Barlornock, Barmulloch, Chirnsyde, Elmvale, Miltonbank, Saracen, St Catherine’s, St Martin’s, St Monica’s and St Teresa's.

The funds from the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust will help to mentor and train young sports coaches recruited from sports students at Glasgow Kelvin College.

As well as providing a sustainable source of physical activity provision in the local schools, this approach increases the practical knowledge, delivery experience and employability skills of the students, helping them to build networks in their local area and boost future employment prospects.

Richard Orr, Director of Partnerships at Winning Scotland thanked the Trust for its support, saying,

“We’re thrilled that this support from the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust will enable us to continue building our training and mentoring relationship with Glasgow Kelvin College."

"Supporting sports students to deliver the On Our Marks physical activity project in local primary schools has multiple benefits – helping children stay fit and healthy, developing the employability skills of students and creating opportunities in the local community.”

Gerry Facenna, owner and founder of Allied Vehicles, said of the donations,

"We're delighted to support these vital educational and social initiatives in Glasgow's schools and communities. The Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is committed to making a positive impact, and it makes me very proud to see our contributions help foster a love of reading, support meaningful school milestones, and promote health and resilience among young people."


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