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Fall In Temperature Beautifies Store & Secure

Store & Secure’s huge facility in Poole has undergone an autumn makeover – thanks to one of its clever clients. The frontage of Joyce House has been decorated with an arch of gorgeous seasonal foliage and flowers. Its usual sunny yellow colour still shines through but visitors are now under no illusion that autumn is open us.

Josie Murgatroyd of Little Dreams Events took storage with the company and offered to give the entrance a different look. She said: “When I needed storage for my business Store & Secure were the best and they have been great to work with. I asked if I could do up the entrance to the facility with an autumnal display and they said ‘go ahead.'

“There are a number of businesses using the facility and it is a very friendly and sociable place – unlike the larger chains.”

Store & Secure is run by the ‘storage sisters’ Lucy and Sophie Maidman, and Lucy said: “We love what Josie has done. Like many businesses in various sectors she took storage with us because it is safe and we take in stock for clients when they’re not here. We have indoor and outdoor storage plus serviced offices and love to interact with our clients."

“Visitors are always remarking on the display and saying how talented Josie is to have created it.”


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