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Expert Reveals Top Outdoor Furniture Tips

The summer months are quickly approaching, and now is the time to take the proper steps toward enjoying the yard and outdoor furniture.

To help rearrange your outdoor furniture as best as possible, Raf Michalowski, founder of Meble Furniture, is sharing valuable insights on the best way to set up your outdoor furniture this summer.

Create Specific Areas Using Furniture

Using furniture to separate sections is a great way to have a functional yet stylish backyard.

"Set up an outdoor table near your barbecue to serve as the perfect spot for dining and conversating. Create a lounge area in a different spot and use sofas or swings for relaxing,” suggests Raf.

Combine Patterns And Styles

Combining patterns and styles looks great and gives your yard a personal and unique touch.

Consider using metal chairs next to a cozy outdoor sofa to add more space to your lounge area. The style and metal of the chairs will surely pop next to a comfortable sofa.

Arrange Furniture Around One Area

Create a focal point around one specific area in the yard, such as a beautiful water fountain or garden area.

"Surround the areas you find most appealing with your furniture to tie it all together and give it a stunning look. Use this area for seating to promote a relaxing and beautiful view while you lounge with your loved ones," says Raf.

Consider The Weather

When searching for new outdoor furniture, it is always important to consider the weather. The sun's UV rays damage certain materials, including materials used to make outdoor furniture.

"If you are looking for something with fabric, find a fabric that is UV resistant to withstand damage from the sun. You might even find a shade structure to protect your furniture as much as possible and keep it away from direct sunlight," Raf recommends.

Consider purchasing furniture covers to protect your valuable pieces from sun, water, and wind.

Remember Your Pets

Choose furniture with removable fabric covers for washing them whenever required. Additionally, find durable furniture to avoid damage from pets scratching or biting it.

"It is critical to think about your pets when buying outdoor furniture. If you choose something like wood, you run the risk of your pet damaging it, but if you choose something made out of metal, your pet won't get through it as easily," Raf suggests.

Have Fun

Your yard and outdoor furniture are the best places to create memories for you and your family. Remember to have fun while designing it so that you can enjoy it as often as possible.

Finding the right outdoor furniture is different for everyone. Depending on your focal point, you might choose particular pieces that enhance the view. Keep outdoor furniture unique to you and your needs.

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