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Engineering Firm adi Group Shortlisted As IChemE Awards

Leading multidisciplinary engineering firm adi Group was shortlisted as a finalist at the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) 2023 Global Awards in the Training and Development category.

Recognised as the leading professional qualifying body for chemical, biochemical and process engineers, IChemE celebrates professional excellence, positive environmental impact, process safety and societal benefit with its Global Awards.

And though adi Group targets all these key areas as part of its engineering services provision and CSR strategy, its entry focused on its significant efforts to nurture the next generation of engineers and close the STEM skills gap with its pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship schemes.

Commenting on this achievement, Alan Lusty, CEO, said: “It’s an honour to be shortlisted for such a prestigious award, and particularly to be recognised for our contributions within what we consider to be a key area within engineering and inspiring our next generation of employees as a whole.

“Our pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship schemes are designed to support and inspire the engineers of tomorrow from as early as 14 years old and provide them with opportunities to embark on a rewarding engineering career.”

Having pioneered a highly effective approach with these successful programmes, the business is demonstrating the positive impact of increasing accessibility to the sector in a way that differs from the academic route to engineering employment.

Recognising there is a pressing national engineering skills gap, the firm has continuously prioritised its commitment to helping develop future talent and upskill budding engineers, and is inspiring others within the industry to adopt similar approaches.

The programmes have also proved to be a success thanks to their ability to enable natural progression for young individuals, whether within the firm or other businesses.

adi's approach provides an excellent path for progression to a full apprenticeship for its young pre-apprentices, and the Group also commits to having 5% of its full-time employees in apprenticeship positions, a pledge recognised by The 5% Club’s Gold Award, highlighting its long-term commitment to fostering young talent.

Overall, the firm seeks to build well-rounded young professionals, getting its students involved in responsible business activities as well as training them on health and safety procedures with key learning modules.

Speaking of its long-term objectives in this vital area, Alan commented:

“We aim to tackle the skills gap issue, as well as support our own business objectives where we need many more engineers to achieve our aims."

“However, we must also challenge harmful misconceptions about engineering to encourage access to the career for individuals with limited opportunities or marginalised groups. Ultimately, we are investing in the future of the industry. "

“Being shortlisted for the IChemE Awards is yet another vital step in the right direction, furthering our progressive plans and showcasing the value and the sheer potential of our mission.”


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