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Coptrz Fits The Bill With Oceanites

DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise drones sold by the UK’s leading provider of commercial drones, Coptrz have taken to the skies to count penguin colonies as part of Oceanites conservation efforts.

The organisation is the world’s only publicly supported nonprofit research programme monitoring the vastly warmed Antarctic Peninsula. The central mission is to assist science-based conservation recommendations and increase awareness of climate change worldwide.

The drones were first flown around various penguin colonies in January of this year, collecting penguin population data for the organisation. This data is then passed into the hands of decision makers and scientists who are actively working towards the conservation of the Antarctic.

Dr. Grant Humphries, director of science for Oceanites, said:

“The two DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise drones supplied by Coptrz have made the world of difference. The conditions in Antarctica can often be very tough, which makes it difficult to get manual hand counts of the penguins completed in a reasonable timeframe.”

“The drones have helped us to collect the data rapidly, which we can then count later. They also help us to collect different kinds of data we wouldn’t otherwise have available to us. As part of our efforts, we are aiming to have all our data completely open and accessible to the public to help further progress conservation efforts.”

Penguins, like most top predators, are sentinels of change. The signals from climate change that affect phytoplankton (which are very difficult to count or quantify) get propagated through the food web, meaning that by monitoring the colonies over time will help to provide data related to climate change.

The Antarctic Treaty system relies upon the scientific data provided by Oceanites, including the annual State of Antarctic Penguins reports, which COTPRZ’ drones were used for.

Paul Luen, CEO and founder of Leeds-based Coptrz, said:

“We’re very proud to be able to support Oceanites with our drones. The hard work they do throughout the year all goes towards the wider goal of conserving the Antarctic. We are looking forward to seeing the data and results they produce and working with them more in the future.”

Coptrz has a 360º approach to drones; selling over 150 different product types from manufacturers around the world; and delivering a suite of 80 training courses, ranging from general commercial drone operator training to specialist work such as wind turbine inspection, through its Coptrz Academy.

“We’re closing in on 30 partnerships with drone manufacturers from around the world and are rightly proud of the standing this gives us as being the home to the latest drone technology in the UK,” concluded Paul.

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