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Consult Red Celebrates 20 Years Of Innovation

Consult Red, a Shipley-based employee-owned consultancy and R&D partner for connected devices and systems, is thrilled to mark its 20th anniversary of continuous success, growth, and innovation. Over the past two decades, Consult Red has helped its clients transform the media, telecommunication and IoT technology landscapes.

Since its inception in 2003, Consult Red has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering trusted consultancy and high-quality engineering services, while embracing technological advancements and industry trends. Throughout the years, the company has built an enviable reputation for its dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions.

"We’ve reached this significant milestone, thanks to our valued clients, and the work of our talented and dedicated team," said Raghu Venkatesam, CEO at Consult Red. " We are grateful for the long-term trust and support of our clients, partners, and stakeholders, who have been instrumental in our continued growth over the past two decades."

Over the past 20 years, Consult Red has achieved numerous milestones and accomplishments, including:

• Contributing to innovative product launches for key customers, including set-tops, connected TV devices and embedded software services for some of the world’s largest media and connectivity operators across Europe, the USA and Asia.

• Delivering ground-breaking connected devices and systems for industrial and IoT applications, including vehicle charging, industrial vision, telehealth, power management, consumer devices and wireless connectivity.

• Establishing Consult Red as an employee-owned company, giving employees a stake in the business, and ensuring long-term stability for clients.

• Nurturing a talented and diverse global workforce that drives innovation and fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence.

As Consult Red celebrates this milestone, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and continuing to exceed customer expectations. The company's focus continues to be on delivering cutting-edge product design and development services. Looking ahead Consult Red will continue its growth trajectory and regional expansion, to further develop expertise in IoT, software containerisation, AI and Cloud, and address future customer needs.

Reflecting on the journey so far, Stuart Griffin, COO and Co-Founder of Consult Red added, "As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. I’m so incredibly proud of where we are today, the journey has been fantastic from a start-up at The University of Bradford to where we are today, and the journey has been made by the people we’ve worked with along the way. With a strong foundation, a dedicated team, and the trust of our customers, we are well-positioned to continue driving innovation, expanding our global reach, and delivering great value for our clients.”

Consult Red will mark its 20th anniversary with employee and customer-focused events throughout the year. The firm will also make a lasting contribution with the planting of commemorative trees near the Shipley office and other regional locations.

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