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Charity Wins Best Performing Arts Centre Award

Blue Ocean Wave Charity wins prestigious award for Best Performing Arts Centre in London at the 2023 SME Awards

Director of Blue Ocean Wave, Jolene Dias, established the charitable organisation back in 2009, and launched in the UK in 2021 to bring the performing arts to her local community, and open up the world of music, dance and theatre to everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, background, religion, ability or disability.

Jolene Dias said: “This is an extremely proud moment for me and Blue Ocean Wave. I'm extremely excited to win the title of Best Performing Arts Centre in London. It is hard to find the words to describe how much this means to not only myself but also all the students that come through our doors each and every day.

“When launching Blue Ocean Wave I wanted to share my love for music and performing arts to everyone, especially those who can find it difficult to access these services in traditional settings, and this award gives us just the boost we need to carry on with our work and keep achieving in the future.”

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