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Charitable Trust Powers Glasgow Morning Meals

Possobilities and The Courtyard Pantry, two north Glasgow based organisations who provide meals in some of Glasgow’s most deprived areas, have received a much-needed boost from the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust to facilitate their breakfast club projects.

The Courtyard Pantry Enterprise relieves financial hardship by providing food security to those who need it most through the operation of a food pantry and community hub. Last year they received a £10,500 donation from the Trust to provide discounted goods, food, and refreshments to the local community.

Their breakfast club pilot will run from March until the end of June at their Pantry Hub premises in Wester Common, on weekday mornings. The aim is to provide an opportunity for children and parents to access good quality, nutritious food to help them maintain a balanced diet. Located near both High Park and St Cuthbert's Primary school, the Pantry Hub is in a prime location for parents and children to visit prior to heading to school. The Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust will help to subsidise the Courtyard Pantry’s Breakfast Club with a £3,000 donation.

Dale Todd, Managing Director of The Courtyard Pantry Enterprise, said

“We are delighted to have Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust support our Pre School Breakfast Club. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we want to ensure that all children and their parents/guardians who live in and around Wester Common start their day on a full stomach.”

Possobilities, who have run local breakfast clubs in the past, will re-start the club in their Denmark Street building, serving local school children and their families a hot breakfast. The Trust has pledged a sum of £10,000 to get the club back up and running and provide accessible transport to school.

Melanie Fyfe, Manager at Possobilities, expressed the organisation’s gratitude for the funding, saying,

“A massive thank you to Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust for their generous donation and ongoing support to Possobilities. With this will be able to run a free healthy Breakfast club 5 days per week and provide transport to the local school in a fully accessible minibus."

“This is a major boost for us, the local community and local schools. The Trust’s support is invaluable to Possobilites, and to the wider community and we look forward to our continued work in the future.”

David Facenna, Director of Corporate Culture at Allied Vehicles Group added,

“The food offered by Possobilities and The Courtyard Pantry will, in many cases, be the only meal that families eat together, and a lot of the children in this area would not eat before school without access to these services."

"Allied Vehicles Group is a family business, and a local business with our roots in Possilpark, and we’re delighted to support these brilliant, family-focused, local initiatives.”


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