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Birmingham’s Christmas Markets On The Curriculum At Aston University

Aston University is using one of Birmingham’s Christmas markets to help teach some of its students entrepreuneurial skills.

Each year in the run up to Christmas, Birmingham attracts approximately five million visitors to its Frankfurt market and its other attractions.

This year the University provided hands-on marketing and retail experience to students who have volunteered to organise and manage the University’s stall located in the grounds of St Philip’s Catherdral in the city centre. The students have been using the tourist attraction to learn more about product design, marketing and logistics.

Alex Kyte, who is a first year business enterprise development student, said: “Being part of the city centre venture was a very useful experience which complemented my academic studies."

“It nurtured my customer facing communications ability and boosted my confidence. Working at the market also gave me an opportunity to practise market research techniques. Overall these are all skills which will benefit my future career.”

The grounds around St Philips will host the University’s stand till 10 December, after which it will move to the Aston University campus till 15 December.

The University will be selling products created by Aston University staff and students including 3-D printed and laser cut gifts designed and created by members of its College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Professor Kate Sugden, deputy dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, initially had the idea for Aston University to host a stand.

She said: “It’s great to be back in the city centre on the stall, even though it’s been a bit chilly. One of our product designers, Aaisha Yasir, created intricately designed laser-cut hedgehog decorations. Not only do they look beautiful but profits made from their sale will support Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue.”

The Aston University stall is organised by the University’s Advanced Prototyping Facility which helps businesses use 3D printing.

Christmas in Cathedral Square is delivered in partnership by Colmore BID, Birmingham City Council, Danter Attractions Limited and Birmingham Cathedral.


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