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Beware Of Sun Damage To Your Hair

New research has revealed that while we’re a nation dedicated to protecting our skin from the sun, just 18% of us bother to protect our hair, despite the catastrophic long-term effects it can have. While 65% said they use SPF on their skin, a huge 82% said they don’t use any products to protect their hair, despite the damage that UVA and UVB rays can have on the cuticles in the hair, leading to thinning, broken or split ends, dryness, discolouration and frizziness.

Nearly half (42%) of people said they didn’t even know that the sun could be damaging to your hair. When asked if they knew if their hair can burn like their skin can, a shocking two thirds (65%) said no.

Anabel Kingsley, Renowned Trichologist at Philip Kingsley and the daughter of world renowned hair guru says: “The waves emitted by the sun can have a huge damage on your hair. Thankfully we have become a nation accustomed to putting on sun cream when the sun comes out and it’s hot, but the idea of protecting our hair is not even on the radar and yet your hair is risk of burning on particularly hot and sunny days."

“To help, I would suggest using a protective hair product, a hat or a scarf to ensure your hair, and scalp, are protected and that you don’t fall victim to breakage, hair loss or burning.”

When asked what their biggest hair concerns were while on holiday, the number one worry was dryness (27%), followed by frizz caused by humidity (24%) and the fact that it could be hard to style (17%).

Despite experts highlighting the benefits of hair masks, over half (57%) of people say they have never used one – 71% of men, and 46% of women. Of the women that do, one in five (21%) say they use it at least once a month as part of their beauty regime with the main reasons to maintain general hair health (30%), to combat hair damage (25%) and to overcome dryness of the hair (24%). Women say they are most attracted to the benefits it can give (39%), followed by the price (38%) and proven results (35%).

And many use it as part of their relaxing weekend ritual, wearing a hair mask while watching TV (43%), taking a bath (30%) or reading a book (28%).

Anabel adds: “Hair masks are an affordable and easy way to condition your hair and give it a fresh lease of life while protecting it from all that you come up against in modern day life, whether that’s internal – such as stress and emotional pressures, or external – like pollution or the sun. By making time for a hair mask, you’re making time for yourself – forcing yourself to slow down and focus on what’s important, such as reading your favourite book, taking a bath or watching your favourite show while the mask works its magic.”


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