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Angels Driving Tractors

To mark the start of National Meals on Wheels Week (Monday 30th October-3rd November), not-for-profit care provider, Harrogate Neighbours is back with another unique idea to raise awareness of the vital hot meal delivery service.

The community service, re-branded as “Harrogate Neighbours Meals on Wheels Delivered by Angels” is run by 50 volunteers known fondly as ‘angels’ as they deliver over 150 hot meals into the community every day.

Sue Cawthray, CEO of Harrogate Neighbours said,

“Last year we delivered meals by horse and carriage and the service users loved it. We wanted to do something a little bit different this year, so we decided to deliver the meals on a vintage 1950s tractor by an angel which evoked lovely memories for our clients.”

Like so many areas of the social care sector, meals on wheels requires greater government funding to support older and vulnerable people living within the community, who without the dedicated volunteers who run the service would not receive a nutritionally balanced, hot daily meal.

Sue continued, “The future of meals on wheels looks bleak unless the Government can do more to support this much-needed service."

She added, “We are supporting an aging population and the service is a lifeline for older and vulnerable people living in our community. We are calling for the Government to ensure funding is available to local councils to safeguard the service now and in the future.”

New volunteer, Zac Evans said, “It’s not about finding time, it’s making time to support the local community. Dressing up as an angel and delivering the meals by tractor was an amazing experience and something I certainly won’t forget!

“Being a volunteer, and making the time makes a real difference to the service users we get the chance to meet and have a chat with.”

As the population ages and people live longer, demand for the service is growing. Now in its 11th year, Harrogate Neighbours Meals on Wheels Delivered by Angels is calling out to more volunteers to join the force and deliver even more meals to people in the Yorkshire area in need of the service.

To find out more about Harrogate Neighbours, or to become a volunteer, visit here.


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