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A Big Win For Newcross Healthcare In Scotland

Newcross Healthcare Solutions, the company behind the one of the UK’s largest technology enabled workforce solutions, HealthForceGo, today announces that it has received approved supplier status on the NHS National Services Scotland Framework. The company will mobilise its workforce of secondary care nurses to alleviate the pressures on the current NHS Scotland workforce and help patients to get better, faster.

Last year Newcross delivered more than 8.5 million hours of care, and over 830,000 shifts and today has over 165,000 registered healthcare workers. By using Newcross’ HealthForceGo app, nurses can quickly take on shifts - individual or block shifts – suited to their availability and lifestyle choices. Upon completion of a shift, nurses can request payment and it’s processed in real time - an initiative introduced in recognition of the impact that the current cost of living crisis has had on the workforce.

In May 2023 RCN in its Nursing Workforce in Scotland report found: 4,238 fewer nurses as of March 2022, compared to the previous year; a decade high vacancy rate of between 8-9 per cent and in 2022, eight per cent fewer applicants accepted onto an undergraduate nursing course at a Scottish university compared to 2021.

Registered nurse Michelle Gorringe and co-founder of Newcross Healthcare comments: “I am immensely proud that Newcross is now in a position to provide nurses into NHS Scotland. We have an extensive local team that will provide secondary care nurses into local NHS Scotland communities."

"Newcross has the very real potential to address those record nursing vacancies and start to make inroads into patient backlogs, expediting patient discharge and provide a seamless, end to end patient pathway. "

"We hear a lot about an integrated health and care model and now with our secondary care solution combined with our community care offer, Newcross is one of the few companies with a workforce utilising the latest in technology to provide the right people, in the right setting at the right time."

"But beyond that, we will provide nurses with an ecosystem in which to thrive. Whether that be the ease and flexibility of filling single or block shifts across HealthForceGo; or same day pay or indeed access to an ever-increasing free training and wellness offer thereby supporting career progression and wellness. Newcross has the systems in place to enable healthcare workers to be successful.”


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