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10 Benefits Of Being In The Great Outdoors!

Over the past few years there has been widespread recognition of wellbeing and the need for everyone to take steps to ensure they are as healthy as they can be, physically and mentally. Good mental wellbeing ensures that we are comfortable and confident and able to cope with the challenges the everyday life throws at us and one way to improve wellbeing is to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether it is a walk around the local park or a trip to the beach or just a stroll down a country lane, getting out into the fresh air is packed with benefits. Embracing nature can be fun so what are the benefits?

Happy People

There is no getting away from the fact that a walk in the woods or a stroll through a summer meadow, a walk in the park or a cycle by the sea refreshes the soul and makes us happy.

Energy Boost

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that getting out and about in nature can boost energy levels significantly

Good For The Eyes

Many of spend plenty of time close to screens which can cause tired eyes and research suggests that a break from the screen is good for us and by walking outside, the eyes are drawn further afield which can be good for your vision.


The air outside contains more of the good chemicals created by plants known as phytoncides and by being outside we tend to breathe in more of these chemicals which can have health benefits such as increasing white blood cell levels and therefore helping to counter infections.

Boosts Creativity

Again there is evidence to suggest that mother nature and the great outdoors is an inspirational environment, making us more creative in our approach to life in general.

Vitamin D

Being outdoors is a great source of the recommended daily Vitamin D requirement which is essential for a healthy body.

Thinking Time

Just getting away from the desk or out of the house can be all that it takes to give us the time to think, reflect and consider things more openly.

Physical Activity

Just being outdoors can be a good thing as we are being active, and active bodies can lead to active minds. Whether it is a walk, cycle or something more physical, being active in the great outdoors can really help with general wellbeing of the body and soul.

Change Of Scene

We all have a lot to do and face challenges throughout the day and nature can be a really restorative balance to the daily grind. It helps us to focus and prioritise our thoughts and what is generally important to us such as family, friends, health and welfare so can can help us to shrug off some of the daily pressures we face too.


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