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TEPS Expands With New Warehouse Development Amidst Growing Demand

TEPS, a Hull and Yorkshire-based family-run Haulage, Storage, and Distribution company, is excited to announce the construction of a new warehouse and office. As part of the sixth generation John Good Group, TEPS is reinforcing its commitment to adapt and grow in response to market needs, which is being a strategic supply chain & logistics partner in the Hull and Yorkshire region.

The new development will feature a state-of-the-art 25,000 sq. ft warehouse, capable of housing 5,000 pallets, alongside a 1,900 sq. ft office block. This expansion will not only increase TEPS's capacity to nearly 200,000 sq. ft but also enhance its operational efficiency. The new warehouse will create new roles and opportunities within the local area to be recruited for in 2024.

In line with TEPS’s dedication to sustainability, the construction of their new warehouse and offices will repurpose materials from other locations within the group, helping to minimise the build’s environmental impact. This eco-conscious approach, reflecting the company's commitment to the planet, complements the recent achievement of operational carbon neutrality by TEPS and John Good Group. This integration of sustainable practices, including the implementation of solar energy, highlights the company's balanced approach to growth and environmental responsibility.

Managing Director of TEPS, Paul Fordon, comments, “This expansion is a significant milestone for TEPS. By constructing this new warehouse and office space, we are not just scaling our operations but also reaffirming our dedication to our clients and the environment. The integration of the new offices within the warehouse facility is a testament to our commitment to operational excellence.”

Adam Walsh, CEO of John Good Group, adds, “I’m delighted we were able to give the green light for TEPS on this multi-million-pound investment into the site. It’s a real vote of confidence in Paul and the team, who consistently deliver a service that makes them a standout operator in the region. I’m also pleased we were able to include a new office block in the development."

"Our people make the difference in our business, and to give them a new home with far superior facilities will help us retain and attract talent for years to come.”

Scheduled for completion in Spring 2024, this new facility is set to be a major milestone in TEPS’s growth strategy, solidifying its position as a leader in the warehousing, storage, and distribution sector. This development is not just a response to growing demand but also a proactive step towards a more efficient, sustainable future in logistics.


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