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Swimming Pool At Normanton Leisure Reopens After Refurbishment

Normanton Leisure has welcomed residents back to its swimming pool after the final stage of refurbishment works were completed.

As part of Wakefield Council’s investment in leisure facilities the building has been improved, with changes to make it more environmentally friendly. Air source heat pumps have replaced boilers and a roof mounted solar panel has been installed. Other work includes a new filtration system and pipework and the revamp of the swimming pool changing area which has new lockers.

The pool was closed over the summer, for the final stage of the works to be completed and to minimise disruption to school swimming lessons. It has now reopened and has welcomed people back.

Cllr Michelle Collins, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, and Sport said: “We’re so pleased to see these improvements and to know that residents will be able to enjoy improvements to the swimming pool, the gym and the fitness area."

“Thanks to everyone for bearing with us while the works were happening. It’s really positive to know that people are enjoying these excellent facilities.”

Cllr Jack Hemingway, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “The improvements that we’ve made will have environmental benefits as they’ll reduce carbon emissions. They’ll also make the pool more sustainable into the future and help to reduce energy bills. This investment will contribute to our plan to be net zero by 2030.”

Wakefield Council published its Climate Change Action Plan in 2020 and set a target to be a net zero organisation by 2030.

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