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Sixth Generation Family Acquires Arthur Smith Ltd

John Good Group’s DAN Shipping & Chartering Ltd, has acquired Arthur Smith (Grimsby) Ltd, a prominent shipping services provider in the ports of Grimsby and Immingham since 1936.

Sixth-generation John Good Group, with three centuries of trading to its name, has deep roots in the maritime industry since its inception in 1833. The acquisition of the fifth-generation family business, Arthur Smith, serves to strengthen both the heritage of the company and the operations of the Maritime Division as a whole.

The acquisition of Arthur Smith is a pivotal expansion for the Maritime Division of John Good Group and a strategic move into the offshore sector. Arthur Smith, under the leadership of David Smith & James Smith, will be integrated into the operations of the Maritime Division, alongside DAN Shipping & Bay Shipping.

David Smith, comments on the integration,

"Joining with DAN Shipping opens a new chapter for us. It's an opportunity to blend our expertise in offshore and renewables work with Dan Shipping’s longstanding reputation for service and John Good’s significant backing and areas of expertise in marketing, finance and HR."

Adam Walsh, CEO of John Good Group, shares his perspective,

"This acquisition brings expansion in our Maritime Division both in the quality of people and business, but also a strategic move to enter the offshore and renewables markets."

"Welcoming five new team members from Arthur Smith, we're not just growing in numbers but also in our capabilities and reach. I’m really pleased for Steve Pullen, Paul Haste, Mark Mullins, Kevin Parker who worked on the deal, and the wider team at DAN Shipping, for getting this one over the line."

“It’s also a bonus for the group, because we know how special family businesses are, and the completion of this process sees us welcome a fifth-generation business, into our sixth-generation family business. Family businesses, with all the heritage and values that go with them, are things to be cherished and I’m delighted to be welcoming the Smiths into our business and look forward to working with them to build a business for the future."


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