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Nova Motorsport Named Official Tyre Supplier For Historic Series

Nova Motorsport has signed exclusive partnership agreements for tyre supply of four Peter Auto historic racing series in Europe.

Nova Motorsport is a new brand inspired by heritage and dedicated to technical excellence, which has acquired the assets of Avon Motorsport from Cooper Tire. The brand will supply tyres to drivers and teams competing in the prestigious Peter Auto historic Group C, prototypes in Classic Endurance 1 & 2 and 2.0L Cup grids. Nova Motorsport’s long-term partnership with Peter Auto commences with the 2024 season.

Nova Motorsport's acquisition of all residual tyre stock from Avon Motorsport will ensure uninterrupted, consistent service and supply to competitors as the new company continues a longstanding and successful partnership previously held by Avon Motorsport. In addition to securing all existing Avon Motorsport product stock, Nova Motorsport has obtained Avon Motorsport assets, manufacturing licence and IP. Plus, the brand has assembled a hand-picked technical team, with various key members transferring from Avon Motorsport, where they had in-depth experience supporting the Peter Auto historic and classic racing series.

James Weekley, Nova Motorsport Commercial Director, said:

“Peter Auto is one of the most respected names in the historic and classic automotive racing community. Nova Motorsport is pleased to continue the relationship established by Avon Motorsport with the highly respected organisation. Historic motorsport is a crucial pillar of the Nova Motorsport business, and partnering with Europe’s premiere historic race championships is the perfect way to demonstrate this."

“Our technical team has vast experience supporting the cars in Peter Auto's historic racing championships, which are some of the best historic cars in the world and include legendary 1980s Group C Le Mans cars and iconic 1960s Porsche 911 short-wheelbase models."

"We look forward to supporting Peter Auto while developing Nova Motorsport globally and offering competition tyres of the highest quality. Our commitment to research and development ensures that our products deliver exceptional performance appropriate to the vehicles in historic and classic motorsport."

Patrick Peter, Peter Auto Founder, said:

“The arrival of Nova Motorsport is a breath of fresh air in the world of historic racing. We can now look forward with peace of mind, reassured by the quality of products and services that Nova Motorsport will deliver to our competitors on the Group C Racing, CER 1 and 2 prototypes, and 2.0L Cup grids”.

Nova Motorsport is contracted to supply tyres through the brand’s French-based dealer Sodipneu the exclusive Peter Auto service provider to drivers and teams competing in the following four Peter Auto series:

  • Group C Racing (Le Mans 24 Hours and the Sports Car World Endurance Championship cars from 1982 and 1993).

  • Classic Endurance Racing 1 (Prototypes only) – 1966 – 1971).

  • Classic Endurance Racing 2 (Prototypes only) – Up to 1981).

  • 2.0L Cup – 911 Short wheelbase 2.0L FIA pre-66 (Single make championship).

In addition, Nova Motorsport will continue to supply the hugely successful Avon CR6ZZ tyre in other series if permitted within the regulations.

Nova Motorsport aims to quickly establish its presence in global motorsport and the racing community. By concentrating exclusively on the historic and contemporary motorsport and specialist tyre sectors, the brand will leverage its extensive knowledge and expertise to create tyres to deliver success in ultra-demanding racing conditions.

The new company’s expertise will enable tailored tyre offerings to meet the specific needs of diverse racing categories. In addition, the brand is committed to substantial investments in research and development to ensure Nova Motorsport continues to supply exceptional products for those competing in historic and classic motorsport.


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