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New Global Motorsport Brand Is Born

Nova Motorsport is a new global motorsport brand poised to revolutionise the world of premium competition and specialist tyres.

The new company, founded by Paul Hallas, Managing Director of parent company, SPC Rubber Group, is dedicated to creating a range of superior premium competition and specialist tyres that will deliver unforgettable experiences and exemplary performance on the racetrack and beyond. To quickly establish the new business, a strong and experienced commercial and technical team has been assembled.

Nova Motorsport’s in-house R&D department, with its newly formed team of global industry experts, aims to eclipse industry standards for bespoke tyre technology and speed to market, setting new benchmarks for performance and customer service. The brand’s ambition is to be the number one choice for specialist high-performance, low-volume automotive manufacturers, connoisseurs and private collectors.

Nova Motorsport aims to establish its brand presence in global motorsport and the racing community. By concentrating exclusively on the motorsport and specialist tyre sectors, the brand will leverage its specialised knowledge and expertise to create tyres to deliver success in ultra-demanding racing conditions.

Founder, Paul Hallas, said: “Our strategy is inspired by the opportunity to flip the motorsport tyre business marketing model on its head by focusing solely on low-volume racing and specialist tyres as the core of our commercial offering. With an impressive team of motorsport and tyre industry experts already on board, we will introduce several exciting products in the premium competition and specialist tyre market this year."

"Supported by our established parent company, SPC, and new business partners internationally, we look forward to growing the Nova Motorsport team, business and brand globally.”

New appointments include Paul Coates, who joins the Nova Motorsport launch team bringing in-depth industry experience from his former role as the head of Avon Motorsport, which he held for over a decade. Paul has a profound understanding of numerous motorsport disciplines, including Formula 1, hillclimbing, rallying, rallycross, and more.

Paul Coates said: “Many of the world’s tyre manufacturers look upon the low-volume racing and specialist tyre sector as a marketing tool for their broader business. For Nova Motorsport, this is our only business. This gives us the flexibility, focus and dedication to deliver exceptional products with performance, quality, and customer service at the core of everything we do.”

The team’s expertise will enable Nova Motorsport to tailor its tyre offerings to meet the specific needs of diverse racing categories. In addition, the brand is committed to substantial investments in research and development to ensure Nova Motorsport remains firmly at the forefront of tyre technology for competition cars and high-performance vehicles.

Nova Motorsport will make further announcements detailing the brand’s products and partnerships in the coming weeks. The brand will be an exhibitor at Retromobile – The Classic Car Show, in Paris from 31 January to 4 February 2024 (Hall 1, M-002).

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