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Leicester Mental Healthcare Achieves Gold Standard

Eight months after opening Leicester’s first specialised neurodiverse assessment centre, Purple House Clinic (PHC) has achieved registration by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. This is in recognition of providing ‘gold standard’ high-quality services to clients across Leicestershire.

The CQC Registration specifically covers the practice of psychiatrists and will now enable PHC Leicester to offer both adults and children a comprehensive package of neurodiverse services, from the initial screens and assessments for autism and ADHD to receiving the right treatment and prescribed medication. This seamless process will enhance the clinic’s neurodiverse assessment centre even further by having its team of 10 specialist clinicians all under one roof.

“I’m so proud of the whole team for working so hard to achieve this great accolade, and it demonstrates our commitment to providing effective, compassionate and high-quality services to our clients."

"The CQC Registration allows us to now offer a one-stop shop for clients, which in turn will help reduce the waiting times for people already looking for neurodiverse assessments and provide a viable alternative to the NHS. Since we opened the new clinic in February, we have worked with 136 clients from the surrounding area, an increase of 34% compared to the same period last year, which emphasises just how important our services are to the local community here in Leicester,” said Dr Vicki Edwards, Clinical Director of Purple House Clinic Leicester.

“Our most popular service at PHC continues to be the specialist assessments for neurodiversity, so this means now we can carry out even more services and ultimately help more people receive the right diagnosis and treatment faster. Having a multidisciplinary team of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other related disciplines, such as Speech & Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, working closely together will provide consistency and improved communications for our clients. They will now be able to work with the same team of neurodiverse professionals rather than being moved from pillar to post, often leading to a communication breakdown.”

The CQC Registration will create more psychology and psychiatrist jobs for PHC Leicester, whilst also offering greater mental health support to the local area. As well as offering individual support to adults and children, the team of experts provide training, workshops and lectures to organisations on subjects related to mental health, psychology and child development, as well as providing consultancy and clinical supervision services.


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