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Hokulani Acquires Stake In Halifax FC Women

Hokulani Limited has acquired a stake in FA Women's National League club (3rd tier) Halifax FC Women Limited. Both sides have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The former Brighouse Town team, which was rebranded in May 2023, is looking forward to a bright future.

Director & Principal Investor, Daniel Thomas Loitz, added that "The world is looking at the development of women's football in the UK with envy at the moment. It has always been my dream to support a club in the homeland of football, having lived in the UK for ten years. My family and I have distributed donations and sponsorship to women's football in Ukraine, Finland, Romania and Germany through companies we control. Already in 2021, as a private individual, | wanted to acquire a stake in a women’s football club in the UK, and now I’ve come full circle with my investment firm."

The support of Hokulani Limited aims to strengthen Halifax FC Women in the long term and integrate it into a satellite system of clubs, fulfilling its role and developing an identity. This role and identity will provide for the sporting and personal development of young talent from across Yorkshire and across the UK and Europe. In the long term, promotion to the Championship is a declared goal. Reaching for the Women Super League is an unrealistic goal that does not fit into the club's future identity. The declared goal in the next few years is to move to Halifax and build our own sports facility with a small stadium.

First Team Manager, Rob Mitchell concluded that “This is an exciting and positive step forward for the club and everyone involved, our vision for the future and the environment we want to create will allow us to continue to compete whilst developing talented young players. We are delighted to be part of the Hokulani family and begin our new adventure together.”

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