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Bullabaloo Unveils Enlightened Sensory Collection For Infants

Bullabaloo, known for its quality baby products, is excited to introduce its latest Sensory Collection Range. Building upon the well-received muslin range, this new collection includes baby comforters, pram blankets, muslin squares, and swaddles, and employs a well-researched approach to support infant visual development through high-contrast patterns.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that infants are more responsive to high-contrast patterns, which assist in stimulating and focusing their developing vision. Capitalising on this research, Bullabaloo’s Sensory Collection Range is designed to provide not only comfort but also a visually stimulating environment for infants, promoting better engagement and visual exploration.

The purpose-driven design of the Sensory Collection Range does not only cater to the developmental needs of infants but also offers practical solutions for parents. While the infants are engaged and comforted by the collection's items, parents can enjoy some free time. Moreover, the multipurpose nature of these essentials makes them a cost-effective choice for parents, aligning with Bullabaloo’s ongoing commitment to delivering value.

The Sensory Collection Range exemplifies Bullabaloo’s initiative in integrating scientifically-backed concepts with everyday infant essentials, making them more than just comfortable— a tool for learning and engagement.

Susanna Morrison, the founder at Bullabaloo, commented, “The extension of our muslin range to include the Sensory Collection is a logical step in offering parents products that provide both comfort and sensory stimulation for their infants, without stretching their budget.”

The Sensory Collection is now available on the Bullabaloo website and will be rolled out internationally soon.

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