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Bridge Of Weir Leather Joins Forces With CALLUM

Bridge of Weir, supplier of Fine Automotive Leather to the world’s most-respected luxury car brands, announces a new partnership with design and engineering consultancy, CALLUM.

The agreement formalises a successful longstanding relationship between the two British-based brands, based on shared values of design-first innovation, industry-leading quality, and deep respect for heritage.

Bridge of Weir has previously supported CALLUM, a business founded in 2019 by renowned car designer Ian Callum, with the creation of multiple ground-breaking luxury projects.

In the automotive sector, the CALLUM Vanquish 25 – a reimagining of the iconic Aston Martin Vanquish – featured seats and panels trimmed in the finest Bridge of Weir materials, its luxuriously appointed cabin showcasing a range of completely bespoke leathers in beige, tan and dark blue. Through CALLUM, Prodrive has also trimmed its P25 with Bridge of Weir leather, CALLUM having designed a new interior for the limited-run model.

In the product design world, the limited production series CALLUM Lounge Chair also featured a range of entirely bespoke Bridge of Weir leathers, available in colours including black, cranberry, fawn and bottle green, the material playing a key part in the company’s modern take on a design classic.

In addition to sharing an ideological approach to creating the finest products using the most innovative and sustainable materials within and beyond the bounds of the luxury automotive sector, Bridge of Weir and CALLUM also benefit from a shared geography. With legacy roots for both sides being very much in Scotland, Bridge of Weir’s Advanced Design Studio and CALLUM’s industry-leading Design Studio are located within the same building in Warwick, in the heart of the British automotive industry in the Midlands.

James Muirhead, Sales Director at Bridge of Weir Leather, said:

“On behalf of the entire team, I am delighted to officially announce Bridge of Weir’s new strategic and creative partnership with CALLUM, a brand we all greatly admire for its cutting-edge, no-compromise approach to design, engineering and above all, quality."

“Ian Callum and his team have a legendary reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation. Having been proud to support CALLUM on multiple projects over the years, we are now pleased to take that relationship to the next level. With this partnership, Bridge of Weir looks forward to even closer collaboration with CALLUM, which will lead to the creation of world-class luxurious and sustainable products within and beyond the automotive sector.”

Ian Callum, Design Director at CALLUM, said:

“Throughout my career in the global automotive industry, I have always had the utmost respect for Bridge of Weir and the impeccable standards its expert team consistently sets. Few brands combine such a rich heritage with a passion for innovation so effectively. When we formed CALLUM, it was only logical that we would turn to Bridge of Weir to support us with projects such as the CALLUM Vanquish 25 and the CALLUM Lounge Chair."

“Now, it is equally logical that we take this next step together in our relationship by forming a strategic partnership between CALLUM and Bridge of Weir. Bolstered by our shared geographical location, we look forward to setting new standards in luxury and innovation.”

Bridge of Weir ensures that its leather production starts with responsible sourcing, with 100% traceability and zero risk of deforestation in the raw hide supply chain. The company's leather is the ultimate upcycled material, created through a 'circular' low-impact manufacturing process. Bridge of Weir utilises raw hides from the local beef and dairy industries, with over 98% sourced within the UK and Ireland. This upcycling approach prevents these hides from ending up in landfills, where they would emit hundreds of tonnes of harmful methane emissions each year.

Since 2003, Scottish Leather Group, of which Bridge of Weir is a part, has reduced the average carbon intensity per hide by an impressive 90%. The group achieves this through the use of 100% renewable electricity and the conversion of process waste into energy.

A new £14 million Super Tannery has also just been opened to further accelerate its sustainability leadership by investing in advanced tanning equipment that reduces energy and water use by 82% and 42% respectively.

Bridge of Weir leather is the material of choice for the world’s leading automotive luxury brands, thanks to its quality, durability, versatility, and sustainability.

To find out more about Bridge of Weir Leather, please visit here.


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