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Aviation First For easyJet As Pilots & Crew Move To Reusable Cups & Cutlery

In an industry first and following a successful trial, easyJet is equipping all cira. 14,000 of its crew (pilots and cabin crew) with reusable cups and cutlery in a mission to cut down on disposable single use items.

In total, the initiative is expected to prevent more than 10 million single use items from being used per year – equivalent to 71 tonnes per year and forms part of easyJet’s ongoing commitment to lower the impact of its operations.

The new reusable cups and cutlery are made from durable materials so they are built to last to ensure easyJet’s crew can reuse time and time again.

All crew will receive their new cups and cutlery sets over the coming weeks, with the roll out to be completed by January 2024. All new pilots and cabin crew will receive a cup and cutlery set as part of their new entrant uniform allocation.

Angela Mullen, Head of Inflight Retail Operations at easyJet, comments: “As always, our brilliant crew took this trial under their wings and through their passion and dedication to reduce unnecessary waste, we are now able to roll out this fantastic initiative network-wide."

“This is just one of the many ways we’re working to lower the impact of our operations and we’ll continue to trial new initiatives and make continuous improvements to help accomplish this goal.”

In 2022, easyJet launched its net zero roadmap, setting out its vision to reduce its carbon emissions per passenger, per kilometre by 78% by 2050 (vs 2019).

Alongside the transition to zero carbon emission technology, the roadmap features a combination of fleet renewal, operational efficiencies, airspace modernisation, Sustainable Aviation Fuel and carbon removal technology.

Since 2000, easyJet has reduced its carbon emissions per passenger, per kilometre by one-third and continues to make operational improvements such as cutting unnecessary waste to achieve its net zero ambitions by 2050.


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