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Book Launch - How Passion Can Make A Business

With readers welcoming the second volume of Martin Van Helden’s business self-help guides, this latest edition is all about passion; how to use it, keep it and ensure it flows throughout your organisation, regardless of size.

Fully aware that one solution doesn’t fit all, this highly experienced business (and tax) savvy author shares with readers a range of solutions that can be ‘clicked’ together to meet precise needs, just like building blocks.

Bursting with advice that is guaranteed to strike a chord with business owners and inspire them into action, the author is on a mission to publish two new volumes every year until 2026.

And with the next edition scheduled for mid-2024 there’s plenty of time to reap the benefits of the contents of this insightful book.

Passion is the foundation for every strong business. It gives you the momentum to keep always growing your business even higher. Never underestimate a person or organization with a vision and passion because that has so much power beyond what you can even imagine.

“How Passion Can Make A Business” is an empowering book that helps you understand how passion is imbedded in the whole business organization, and how you can get yourself, your staff and your business to the next level and maintain it for the future.

It also contains powerful tips to organize action plans, risk assessment, progress notes, how to use the “Bottom-up focus system” and much more.

It can lift you as a person and your business to a higher level of understanding and professionalism, which will also propel your customer experience and your business income to the highest level ever.

Martin says: “With my innate ability to simplify complex material into digestible and easy to follow advice, my book provides a variety of powerful options for business owners on how to deal with all facets of the business and the effect it has on you as a person to take it all to the top level."

"My hope is that these books will form a base of business learning and provide encouragement for people to get the best out of work and personal lives.”

Published by Clark & Mackay, How Passion Can Make a Business is available in paperback (ISBN No: 978-1922784797) priced £12.99 here

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